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High-Quality Tray Sealers: Food Packaging Machines

Have you ever wondered what a tray sealer does? Food is an essential part of our lives, so we need good packaging. So, it would be best to discuss this particular item in more detail. There are different types of food packaging machines, and among them is the tray sealers. These products play an essential role in food preservation and packaging catering supplies. Sometimes, it may seem like there isn't too much to know about these products. However, when we take the time to explore this topic in more depth, we quickly realize just how many facts there are to learn about this machine.

What are Tray Sealing Machines?

Tray sealer packaging machines are any type of equipment used to form and seal a tray of products. They are used in industries such as bakery, meat, fish, or cheese, just to name a few. The tray sealer, as the name suggests, seals trays together to form one sealed tray. It is often used with a banding machine which will apply a band around the product before it goes into the sealing machine, but that is not always the case.

Why should you use tray sealing machines?

We live in the age of invention when everything is made better, faster, and more manageable. Tray sealing machines help make people live a bit easier who work in the industrial processing of food products. Sealing machines have been beneficial for a long time because of their reliable capabilities. You also need not worry when you will use tray sealing machines because these machines feature inbuilt guides, are easy to use, and are friends with the environment.

Best tray sealers to discover at Laser Packaging

LSM-900 Series Tray Sealer Machine

LSM-900 High-Quality Tray Sealing Machine. The machine is made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum and is suitable for working in wet environments. Cleaning and maintenance are easy and quick, and changeovers are under 5 minutes. The two seals enhance the sealing, one-time molding, and long-term preservation. The LSM-900 series is the medium-sized model of the Table Top Sealing Machine (Pneumatic-Drive) family. Both the electrical motor and air compressor power it. This tray sealing machine LSM-900 series”  is equipped with Intelligent Control Panel. This control panel is an intelligent temperature control system for different sealing materials, precise temperature control, and sealing effects. It has laser sensing, automatic identification of seal patterns, and accurate sealing. Here are the best features of this LSM-900 tray sealer machine:

  • Stainless Steel Frame and Anodized Alloy
  • Low Maintenance and Compact Design
  • Digital Controller Panel with Microcomputer program for a different setting
  • Microcomputer with multi-function design and error code detection
  • Front Safety guard for emergency
  • The operation can be set as Manual or Automatic (Photo-sensor)
  • Three functionality for Film Feeding: Sensor, Encoder, Timer
  • Available for Plain or Custom Artwork film
  • Quick Interchangeable Mold / Tooling

Manual Top Sealing Machine

Manual Top Sealing Machine works on manual power and seals the food packages with the help of heat. The manual top-sealing (MTS) machine is a hot-sealed (HTS) machine made of automatic control and sealing technologies. Primarily, this type of machine uses foil as adhesive for sealing apps such as shrink-wrap, hot-seal, or stick-pack. Top-sealing machines help a lot in packaging food products. This sealing machine is also known as the hand-held sealer. It weighs 17 kg and needs 220 of voltage to operate. It is best for start-up food businesses.

Automatic Top Sealing Machine

Automatic top sealers are the right choice for your business if you worry about saving time, money, and labor. Since it is an automatic sealer, It helps all packing tasks faster and more effectively to get more production. This sealing machine can seal 250 trays per hour; imagine how useful to invest in this kind of product. It weighs 35 kilograms and needing of 220 volts to operate. Get your tray sealing machines today to save time. Preserve food better and leverage your marketing capability using our meal tray sealers here in Singapore!

In today's world of machine automation, your small business needs to have the best packaging equipment on the market. It is particularly true for high-quality food tray sealers, which are enjoying a surge in popularity among small businesses everywhere. These machines are popular because they are affordable and dependable, two things small businesses need when looking to automate packaging machinery in their commercial food businesses.

Laser Packaging is your trusted supplier of Food Packaging Machines like Sealing Machines. We are one of the leading suppliers as well of affordable but high-quality food packaging products throughout Singapore.
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