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What are the uses of Sealing Films?

Sealing films can be used on a variety of containers, including cups, trays, and bowls made of various materials such as PP, PE Paper, PS, PET, and so on. Laser products such as heat seal plastic film. 

How to use Sealing Films?

We need heat sealing machines in order to use sealing films like in tray sealing machines and automatic cup sealing machines that commonly used for bubble teas. Heat Sealer plays a very important role along side with heat seal plastic films and become widely use for food preservations and the like. Using sealing films instead of lids or tray covers could significantly reduce the amount of storage space required for packaging material as well as the amount of packaging waste generated. Each roll can seal thousands of cups or containers, resulting in a low cost per seal and a higher profit margin when selling your products.


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How Cup Sealing Film Help to Preserve Your Food Products?

Sealing is one of the effective ways to preserve our food products or even make it portable without leaking. As time goes by the growing demands for Sealer machines whether tray sealers or cup sealing machines continuously sky rocket. Food business like bubble tea or milk teas seems dependent on this kind of machine but won't work with our sealings films. Cup sealing film is made of pp plastics that shrink and sealed products in a cup. Meanwhile, cup sealing film can be also used as pp cup sealing film if you use PP cups. Food quality is secured against contaminants. Contact us at Laser Packaging for more products that will be useful in your food business.
Cup Sealing Film Itemcode: LSP-PP130X350-SMILE
Measurement: 130mmx280m

PP Cup Sealing Film Supplier Singapore

What is PP Cup Sealing Film?

PP Cup sealing film is adhered on the top of PP froth cups and various types of foods are packaged in them. In Singapore, this is a very common food packaging material as it is used to preserve food like milk, juice, margarine and all types of drinks. It is also used in milk jugs and other such containers that might get inflated during transit.

Why use PP Cup Sealing Film?

If you are selling or buying a cup or mug, you may have encountered the need to reseal it for re-sale. Sealing the cup with PP Cup sealing film ensures that it is water-tight and is easy to use again.

Laser Packaging Singapore strives to provide a high-quality plastic film for sealer machines in your food-related business. Using our plastic cup sealing films in your cup sealing machine is a huge advantage. Aside from the quality, we assure you that we offer it at an affordable price. Contact us right away to get our plastic cup sealing film. You may also take a look at our sealing film with designs if you have a higher budget for it. Enjoy shopping with us at Laser Packaging, the pioneer of food packaging innovations since 1994. Enjoy Shopping!

Itemcode: LSP-PP130X350-EM115
Measurement: 130m x280mm
Packing Sizes: 6pcs/carton

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