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When it comes to selecting a hygienic, high-quality food packaging material that is also cost-effective, aluminium could very well be the best choice available to you. It is a durable metal that is also lightweight, meaning you can package food items for easy delivery and not worry about the containers being misshapen or damaged in transit.

Aluminium food trays and containers are also great conductors of heat, so whether you use them to package hot or cold food, they can maintain an even temperature for a considerable period. Additionally, the material can be moulded into various different shapes and sizes, so you can serve specific types of food in appropriate packaging, such as aluminium bowls for curries and soups, or compartmentalised aluminium food containers for a main dish with various accompaniments.

Sturdy and Economical Packaging Solutions

If you are looking for sturdy, economical, and effective aluminium food packaging, you have come to the right place. Laser Packaging is your ideal partner for food packaging solutions, with a range of aluminium food trays, plates, bowls, and more to suit your needs. We are well-recognised as a food packaging supplier in Singapore with an established track record of producing quality packaging that preserves freshness while retaining flavour.

Whether your business serves dishes that are hot or cold, solid or liquid, the right set of containers for you can be found in our catalogue. Our aluminium packaging solutions provide a reliable way for restaurants, caterers, food truck operators, and even street vendors to serve consumers their delightfully delectable dishes in containers that are reliable and hygienic.

Browse through our range of aluminium food trays and containers, or contact us directly for customised solutions! We can provide you with food packaging solutions that feature your brand design and logo. Additionally, we can use our expertise to help you improve your branding to make it more appealing to customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are aluminium food containers safe? Is there a chance they could react with hot food?

Yes, aluminium food containers are completely safe, as aluminium is non-toxic and does not react with food. In fact, the aluminium acts as an effective barrier against moisture, air, and light, preventing your food items from getting spoiled or contaminated and ensuring that they retain their flavour and nutritional value.

Are aluminium food containers sustainable?

Although aluminium does not decompose naturally and thus cannot be disposed of into the environment, it is extremely recyclable. In fact, most of the aluminium currently in use is generated through recycling. Not only does this reduce the generation of waste, but this also means that the amount of energy that goes into creating aluminium products is very low. This makes it quite a sustainable option for food packaging. Just remember to throw away any food contents before you recycle!

Can aluminium food trays be safely used in the oven or microwave?

Most aluminium food trays can be safely heated in an oven at temperatures up to 200°C. However, while it is possible for you to use aluminium containers when heating food inside a microwave, this is not recommended, as it may catch fire under certain conditions.

Can I use aluminium food trays for long-term storage?

Even though they are effective at preserving the freshness of food, aluminium containers are best suited for short- to medium-term food storage. This is because they typically lack the secure airtight seals present in plastic food containers. This exposure to air could lead to the food getting spoiled if stored in an aluminium container for too long.

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