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Model: LSM-QLX 1603
Voltage: 220V/50hz
Refrigerant: R920
Net Weight: 50kg
Cooling Method: Water-Cooling
Power: 1600w
Maximum Output: 240kg/24h
Cooling Drum: 10cm
Size Weight: 56*39*54(cm)
Compressor: Main in China
Material Quality: Stainless Steel

1. 1 set of 2 bucket 
2. 1 ea of Gastronorm Container
3. 1 ea of Ice shovel
4. 1 ea of Material receiving box
5. 1 ea of Funnel
6. 1 ea of Dustproof Board
7. 1 book of Instruction Manual
8. Water-cooled model plus one set of inlet and outlet water pipe.

without Teflon

Only compatible with BullsEye Popcorn Machines.
LSBTC-WEGT-2 Intelligent Waffle Baker Closed
LSBTC-WEGT-2 Intelligent Waffle Baker Open
LSBTC-WOT-7 Rollers Hot Dog Grill
LSBTC-CEFMT8L 8L Countertop Electric Fryer
LSBTC-CEFMT4L 4L Countertop Electric Fryer
LSBTC-WSOV-760T-M Convection Steam Oven
LSBTC-CFNCC-100T Table Top Cotton Candy Machine’s
LSBTC-CFNCC-100T Cotton Candy Machine. Suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, cinemas, supermarkets, and even for your own private parties and birthdays.

Efficient Candy Floss Maker. With a highly efficient speed and a head-Conical sugar bin ,3000r/m, our cotton candy machine produces a tasty cotton candy in no more than 7-8 seconds!

Removable and a Better Security. With a rolling cart so that cotton candy machine with cart can be transported and moved. The fuse is intuitive to the current voltage in order to prevent from any unexpected incident.

More Convenient and More Sugar Choice. The commercial cotton candy maker has a safety latch, a stainless steel basin and a removable pan; for easy use and cleaning. The sugar bin shape is designed to prevent sugar from spilling out of the box. The candy cotton machine can be used with sugar, hard candy or sugar-free hard candy.

More Commercial. The candy cotton machine features a storing space; a large drawer to store change, gloves, boxes, or any other item while you make cotton candy. Perfect for commercial use, parties, game rooms, wedding receptions, family gatherings.

Work Fast. This Electric Cotton Candy Machine can work for quick, yet whisper-quiet operation to produce up to 2-3 servings of tasty cotton candy in a minute, creating a wonderful experience for you!

Precise Control. Step-less temperature adjustment allows exquisite cotton candy making process. Built in volt display meter makes voltage clear at a glance. Fuse for safety use. Simply push the ON/OFF button to start candy making.

Dimension: 89 CM (L) x 52 CM (W) x 91 CM (H)
Weight: 19 KG
Power: 120V 50 Hz 3 Pin Plug
Colour: Pink
LSM-9EN Sugar Syrup Machine - UNIT
Wide Application. This fructose pump can be used in homes, ice shops, cafe shops, tea shops,restaurants.

Full Automatic Fructose Machine Syrup Sugar Dispenser. Just press the Continuous Stop button, It can realize the function of automatic cleaning, make the fructose machine run 2-3 times and discharge the wastewater is OK.

Anti-Drip Leakage Self-Locking Sugar Outlet. Effectively solve the drip leakage phenomenon, detachable sugar outlet, fast sugar output, no drip leakage

Intelligent Microcomputer Quantitative Panel. Sugar production standard, Quantitative and Accurate. This automatic fructose dispenser is equipped with digital display and three indicators showing heating and feeding status.

Stainless steel Material. This bubble tea equipment liner is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets safety and hygiene standards, anti-oxidation and easy to clean.

Measurement: 250mm (W) x 335mm (L) x 415mm (H)
Voltage: 230V 50 HZ 300W
Weight: 9 KG
Capacity: 8.5 L
Filling Range: 5cc to 200cc
Accuracy: (+/- 3cc)

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