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Packaging Supplies and Food Packaging Machines in Singapore

If your business is involved in F&B operations – whether as a restaurant, a food manufacturer, or distributor – you can benefit from the convenience and efficiency of Laser Packaging’s packaging supplies and food packaging machines in Singapore. Our wide range of food packaging products and equipment gives you access to readymade packaging solutions as well as automated packaging machines to support your business. 

In terms of readymade packaging solutions, we offer lids, films, trays, cups, and bowls in both plastic and paper options. We use packaging materials that are suitable for storing hot or cold food while preserving its freshness. Furthermore, we can provide you with custom printing services to ensure that your packaging effectively represents your brand. 

We also offer an extensive range of food packaging machines in Singapore that includes vacuum sealer machines, tray sealers, cup sealers, band sealers, and more. These come in a variety of options to suit the type of food that you need packaged and the scale of your business operations. 

Additionally, we provide equipment for restaurant operators such as electric fryers, steam ovens, food displays, and more. These are ideal if you are a small entrepreneur looking to break into the F&B market or a restaurant owner aiming to scale up operations.

As a company that began innovating in the food packaging market in 1994, Laser Packaging is your best choice for a packaging supplier in Singapore. Browse through our featured products below.

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Our plastic packaging options provide a cost-effective and hygienic packaging solution for F&B businesses. Our range of trays, bowls, cups, and bags of varying sizes contains options that are suitable for wet, dry, hot, or cold food. These packaging solutions are most suitable for restaurant operators, as they provide you with a cheap way to conveniently prepare your food for takeaway or delivery, expanding your service offering.

Tray Sealer Machines

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Plastic Trays

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Tray Sealer Machines

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Sealing Films

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Paper Trays

The use of paper as a packaging material has become more popular with the increasing demand for sustainable packaging options that can be disposed of without damage to the environment. Our range of paper trays and boxes allow you to maintain your commitment to sustainability while giving you a hygienic option to package dry or oily food. These are perfect for restaurants, as they are a suitable packaging option for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery!

Paper Bowls

When it comes to wet foods, such as soup, salad, or noodles, paper bowls may not appear to be the first choice for packaging. However, we offer a range of paper bowls that will not absorb the liquids and are leak-proof, giving you an economical and effective packaging option for wet food!

Customized Print Products from Clients

In today’s world of highly targeted marketing, it is essential that you put your brand out there as much as possible. We can make this easier for you. Our high quality custom printing services will turn your product packaging into effective branding material and your customers into brand ambassadors! We don’t just offer clear and vibrant printing options for both paper and plastic packaging. We will also go a step further to assist you by helping to improve on the design of your logo to make it more prominent and effective!


As a longstanding packaging supplier in Singapore, we have spent years ensuring that our products are not only aesthetically pleasing and effective, but also that they align to the highest standards of quality. Accordingly, we have received accreditation from local and regional industry bodies as a testament to the high quality of our products.


While your vision for your brand will play a role in deciding whether you want to use plastic or paper packaging, the deciding factor will be the type of products you are putting on the market. Paper is a great packaging choice for food items that are meant to be consumed quickly, as it can be easily disposed of, whereas plastic is better suited to items that might be on the shelf or in the fridge for a while. Plastic is also generally a better option for packaging oily or wet foods, such as noodles or curry. If you are still unsure, you can consult us. We’ll be happy to help you make the best decision for your business.

Branding is a very important aspect of your business, as it helps customers develop a connection with your business. By using branded packaging, you can ensure that your customers develop a stronger impression of your brand, while also appealing to potential new customers as well.

The precision that comes from a packaging machine cannot be matched by manual packaging, especially with equipment like vacuum sealers. By using a machine, you are going the extra mile to ensure that your customer receives a product that is fresh, hygienic, and tasty.

Certainly. With delivery platforms being so popular these days, it is important to have a reliable and efficient way to ensure your products can be transported to customers’ doorsteps without any loss in quality.

Laser Packaging maintains a 30-day refund policy for our equipment. Simply contact us via to begin the return process. If the return is accepted, we will send you further instructions on how to proceed. Bear in mind that certain items, such as customised packaging, cannot be returned.

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