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What is Cup Sealer Machine?

A cup sealer machine is a machine that seals the soft cups they used in storing or dispensing liquid and semi-solid food materials. The process uses air, liquids and heat to prevent spillage and leakage of the product, retaining its quality for longer periods of time. The seal created makes it strong enough to be used for hot drinks such as coffees and teas. Engineered for industrial use, it processes all types of plastic cups such as PET, HDPE, PP.

Why Automatic Cup Sealing Machine?

This cup sealing machine is the answer for your different business needs. It can be use as bubble tea sealer, milk tea sealing machine and many more products in your store. Sealing machines played a vital role in business inline with drinks and its practical to choose this king of automatic machines from Laser Packaging because we are manufacturer that you can trust. For over the years of our operations, our Auto Cup Sealing Machines are one of our top seller. Apart from this we are also supplying top seal plain film for cups.

Where you can use our Auto Cup Sealing Machine?

Bubble Tea Products, Drinking Cups, Fruit Juices, Pudding, Soy Milk, Sauces, Different Salads, and many more products. What are you waiting for? Message us now and feel free to ask our responsive team.

Measurement: 250mmx350mmx550mm
Voltage: 220V, 300W
Weight: 27kg
Production Rate: 200-250pcs/hour

About Laser Packaging

Laser Packaging is your trusted supplier of Food Packaging Machines like Sealing Machines.  We are one of the leading suppliers as well of affordable but high-quality food packaging products throughout Singapore.

Ready to upgrade and receive custom packaging products and sealing machines? Contact our dynamic team today!

Size: 380x250x630mm
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power: 300W
Weight: 24KG
Sealable Material: Paper/Plastic Cup
Sealable Height: 7-18mm
Speed: About 2 seconds/cup
Hourly Capacity: About 550 cups/hour
Size: L380 X W250 X H640mm
Power: Single Phase 220V/300W
Speed: 200-250pcs/hr
Weight: 24KG
Automatic Cup Sealing Machine Unit
Brown Automatic Cup Sealing Machine. Designed to seal paper cups and plastic cups of drinks, milk tea, soybean, ice and hot coffee, smoothies. Ideal for breakfast shops, milk tea shops, restaurants and beverage factories. Featuring an updated design that makes it easy to work with and very efficient.

Automatic Cup Sealing. Two operation modes: manual and auto. Seal cup fully automatically within seconds. Safe and convenient full automated operation. Adjust and set parameters through an intelligent control screen. Counting function can be hidden.

Durable Construction & Brown. Made of high-quality stainless steel, resistant to corrosion, rust, acid, and alkali, withstanding the bad environment, this machine is durable for long service life. Rubberized feet are anti-wear and anti-slip, keeping sturdy.

Intelligent Control Panel. Equipped with a digital display, touch screen control panel, the machine has two operation modes, auto, and manual, easy to deal with different passenger flow stages. Adjust heating to adapt to cups of different materials. Operating at automatic settings, the peak production rate is 250 cups per hour. It only takes merely 8 seconds for you to place the cup into the cup holder and thereafter a simple retrieval.

Excellent Sealing. Turn on the machine, the cup pallet will slide out automatically, heating light will be on; put the cup, the pallet will slide in. High heating sealing, high-quality sealing.

Applicable Film. Independent design roll film scrolls, easy to install films, one scroll for the new film, and another for the used film. Sturdy and adjustable. Cup sealing film is not included. Suitable for PP and PET films. Capable of sealing PP, PE and Paper material.

Smooth & Accurate. The sealing film should go across the electric eye sensing, accurate alignment at the seal, low sealing error. The film goes smooth. Accurately seal the cups to achieve users’ demand.

Measurement: 350mm x 360mm x 640mm
Voltager: 220V, 400W
Weight: 22kg
Production Rate: 250cups/hr

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