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Whether you operate a small F&B business or a large-scale food manufacturing facility, ensuring that you use effective packaging is vital to your brand. This is because it allows you to extend the lifespan of your products by preventing exposure to air and contaminants such as bacteria or dust. Well-packaged products will also be more appealing to consumers and improve your brand perception, as they highlight a level of attention to detail that can help you stand apart from your competition. Thus, investing in high-quality packaging equipment such as a vacuum sealer machine can greatly benefit your business.

Laser Packaging offers a wide range of highly efficient food packaging equipment to meet your needs in this regard. From vacuum packing machines to cup sealing machines, we can provide you with quality equipment that ensures the hygiene and visual appeal of your products. Additionally, our vacuum sealer machines and tray sealing machines are available in varied sizes to match the scale of your operations. Our products will ensure that your packaging operations are highly efficient in terms of speed as well as quality. 

We also offer a range of products suited for restaurant operators to help you streamline and upscale services, including fryers, grills, ovens, and more. In addition to these, we provide a variety of standard packaging supplies, ranging from paper food packaging aluminium food trays and containers. As we are one of the leading packaging suppliers in Singapore, you are assured of the best equipment when you choose Laser Packaging!

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What is Cup Sealer Machine?

A cup sealer machine is a machine that seals the soft cups they used in storing or dispensing liquid and semi-solid food materials. The process uses air, liquids and heat to prevent spillage and leakage of the product, retaining its quality for longer periods of time. The seal created makes it strong enough to be used for hot drinks such as coffees and teas. Engineered for industrial use, it processes all types of plastic cups such as PET, HDPE, PP.

Why Automatic Cup Sealing Machine?

This cup sealing machine is the answer for your different business needs. It can be use as bubble tea sealer, milk tea sealing machine and many more products in your store. Sealing machines played a vital role in business inline with drinks and its practical to choose this king of automatic machines from Laser Packaging because we are manufacturer that you can trust. For over the years of our operations, our Auto Cup Sealing Machines are one of our top seller. Apart from this we are also supplying top seal plain film for cups.

Where you can use our Auto Cup Sealing Machine?

Bubble Tea Products, Drinking Cups, Fruit Juices, Pudding, Soy Milk, Sauces, Different Salads, and many more products. What are you waiting for? Message us now and feel free to ask our responsive team.

Measurement: 250mmx350mmx550mm
Voltage: 220V, 300W
Weight: 27kg
Production Rate: 200-250pcs/hour

About Laser Packaging

Laser Packaging is your trusted supplier of Food Packaging Machines like Sealing Machines.  We are one of the leading suppliers as well of affordable but high-quality food packaging products throughout Singapore.

Ready to upgrade and receive custom packaging products and sealing machines? Contact our dynamic team today!

without Teflon

Only compatible with BullsEye Popcorn Machines.
LSBTC-WEGT-2 Intelligent Waffle Baker Closed
LSBTC-WEGT-2 Intelligent Waffle Baker Open
LSBTC-WOT-7 Rollers Hot Dog Grill
LSBTC-CEFMT8L 8L Countertop Electric Fryer
LSBTC-CEFMT4L 4L Countertop Electric Fryer
LSBTC-WSOV-760T-M Convection Steam Oven
Size: 380x250x630mm
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power: 300W
Weight: 24KG
Sealable Material: Paper/Plastic Cup
Sealable Height: 7-18mm
Speed: About 2 seconds/cup
Hourly Capacity: About 550 cups/hour
Size: L380 X W250 X H640mm
Power: Single Phase 220V/300W
Speed: 200-250pcs/hr
Weight: 24KG

Itemcode: LSBTC-601
Model: FY-601
Dimension (mm): 660x485x645
Color: Black

Measurement: 400W x 920L x 4100H mm 
Power: 220V / 50Hz 
Lettering Electric Power: 60W 
Motor Power: 80W 
Sealing Width: 5 - 12 
Operating Temperature: 0 - 400 Printing: Solid Ink Roller 
Net Weight Machine: 32 kg

Frequently Asked Questions

How will a vacuum sealer machine benefit my business?

A vacuum sealer machine removes all the air from the space around your food items inside a bag and then fuses the sides of the bag together with a heated seal bar. This means that the packaged food is not exposed to air, which prevents it from degrading, thus retaining freshness and nutritional value while extending shelf life. Especially if you produce food items that are intended for sale in grocery stores or supermarkets, a vacuum sealer machine will ensure your products remain ideal for consumption for an extended time and do not expire too soon.

Can sealing machines help save time in my operations?

Certainly! As these machines are automated, they are far more efficient than manually packaging your products. Not only do they reduce the time needed to ensure your items are packaged and sealed, but they also eliminate human error, guaranteeing each product is 100% ready for distribution.

Do I need special equipment for use with these machines?

Some machines will require the use of specialised accessories, such as bags or trays. However, we also offer equipment that can be used with a range of accessories. For example, we provide tray sealing machines that are capable of sealing polyethylene, polypropylene, and paper packaging materials, with a customisable mould that allows sealing irregularly shaped containers.

What types of foods can be vacuum sealed?

Most fruits, meats, spices, grains, and powders can be vacuum sealed. This includes both raw and cooked foods, although the two should not be mixed in the same package. However, a vacuum sealer machine is unsuitable for packaging delicate foods that may be crushed by the pressure, such as baked goods, berries, or chips, as well as certain vegetables that emit a gas when they ripen.

How can my restaurant benefit from using a vacuum sealer machine?

Even if your business serves freshly prepared food that does not need to be vacuum sealed, a vacuum sealer machine can help you with the long-term storage of your ingredients. You can prevent contamination, odour, and freezer burn, while ensuring food items retain their flavour and are easily thawed before preparation.

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