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Leading Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine in Singapore

Containers play a crucial part in the food supply chain, so manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve this technology. Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) machines are the answer to many limitations that come with traditional horizontal form fill seal machines and other container packaging systems. They have taken the container business by storm because they offer numerous advantages over conventional methods of processing containers and packaging. This article will examine how VFFS machines differ from other packing devices and how they contribute to the food products industry.

What is the VFFS machine?

VFFS, or Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machines, are special packaging machinery machines that have been designed to increase efficiency in the food businesses. While there are many uses for these machines in the food packaging industry, such as bag sealers and filling machines, one of the most popular is a vertical form fill seal machine. It is more cost-effective to pack large quantities of products than the manual packaging process. Since these machines have incredible speed, they can save time-saving money. 

Where can you use a VFFS machine?

Vertical form fill seal machines produce skin packaging for products in industries like dairy, food and beverage, pet care, etc. VFFS machines are used to manufacture pouches and flexible/soft containers. VFFS can also be used to produce Blisters, shrink-wrapped, or stand-up pouches. VFFS Machines in many industries, including food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. If you are running a food business in Singapore, then you must purchase a vertical form fill seal machine for packaging your products to save time and money.

What are the VFFS Machines that you can have at Laser Packaging?

Laser Packaging offers two types of VFFS sealing machines here in Singapore. We have a Tea Bag Machine and a Liquid Packaging Machine widely used for milk, soya milk, and other beverages or liquids. Using plastic film as the packaging material, Laser's Liquid Packing Machine is automatically sterilized by ultraviolet radiation, bag molding, liquids filling, seal and cut as product output.

Tea Bag Machine model N-206 product details;

  • Weighing Machine: Powder 50g
  • Vertical Sealing Length: 16cm
  • Film Width: 5-20cm
  • Weight Range: 1-50g
  • Voltage/Powder: 220V/450watts
  • Hertz: 50hz
  • Weight Accuracy: +-0.2G
  • Machine Dimension: 48x78x148cm(L*W*H)

Liquid Packaging Machine product details;

  • Machine Size: 445W x 445L x 1480H mm
  • Packing Speed: 10-15 bags / minute
  • Range of Measurement: 50-250ml
  • Film/Bag Size: 160mm
  • Power: Single Phase 500watts
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Weight: 55 kgs.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, vertical form fills seal machines can also save you space. They are said to use up to 70% less space than traditional horizontal form fills seal machines. If you are looking at a VFFS machine, it is crucial to research them before making your final decision. Once you have done that and conclude that they are what you need, go ahead and purchase one, but it doesn't end there. You must then get the help of your VFFS machine supplier in choosing the best machine for your requirements. 

In summary, with VFFS machines, business owners can be certain that they will always have a high-quality product ready to be sold to their customers. It will also allow business owners to improve their efficiency and ensure that their products are consistent and not prone to user error.

Laser Packaging is your trusted supplier of Food Packaging Machines like Sealing Machines. We are one of the leading suppliers of affordable but high-quality food packaging products throughout Singapore.
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