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Best Sealing Machines to have in Singapore

Best Durian Trays Sealing Machines Singapore

The necessity to confine, preserve and transport foods lie at the heart of packaging history. People have used various packaging materials, such as tree leaves, wineskins, and barrels, since ancient times and have further developed them over time. During the 1760s and 1840s, the industrial revolution brought about technological improvements in this period that led to higher and better quality food packaging. For packaging and food preservation, tin cans and the first cardboard boxes were introduced as well. In modern times, the efficiency and effectiveness of food packaging are the primary considerations. It is due to rising demand to secure the shelf life of different food products. Shelf life refers to the time a product may be held before it becomes unsafe to be used, consumed, or sold. Food packaging and the use of different sealing machines play a vital role in securing your food business. The use of sealing machines will make your food products safe and manageable to contain, especially when you have tons of orders every day. 

What is a sealing machine?

It is any kind of machine that is used to seal food products. Sealer machines may come in many forms depending on the type of product you have. The most common and widely used sealer machines are cup sealing machines, tray sealing machines, and vertical form-fill-seal machines (VFFS packaging machines like tea bags and liquid packing machines).

Different types of sealing machines at Laser Packaging

Laser Packaging supplies different packaging machines for your food business. Since 1994, our company is one of the leading industries for having high-quality sealing machines for food packaging here in Singapore. We understand the growing demands for food packaging machines and this is the very reason why we have the best sealing machines to have in your food business. Here are our quality sealing machines worth having here in Singapore.

LSM - 999GH Cup Sealing Machine

Our LSM-999GH is a high-performance cup sealing machine that helps a lot of businesses here in Singapore. Whether you are selling milk tea, bubble tea, pudding, salads, soymilk, sauces, or any other juices in plastic cups, this machine will be the answer to your needs. It has a production rate of 200–250 pieces per hour. This is a productive auto-cup sealing machine, which surely will help you a lot. Don't miss having our high-quality cup sealing machine, plastic cups, and heat-sealing films from Laser Packaging.

LSM-900 Tray Sealer Machine

Our tray sealer is a kind of machine that applies plastic film to the lids of a tray to lock food products in place. They are also referred to as "tray lidding machines," "top sealers," or "heat sealers." This type of food tray sealing machine will keep your food fresher for longer, make your food products easier to transport, and is ideal for attracting more customers. This sealing machine is widely used for meat, frozen products, frozen meals, durian fruit, and many more varieties of ready-made meals.

This tray sealing machine is made entirely of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, making it suitable for work in humid environments. Cleaning and maintenance are quick and easy, and switching can be completed in less than 5 minutes. It has a capacity of 450, 800, or 1350 pieces per hour, depending on the size of the machine. A sealing machine like our LSM-900 is a great food packaging machine that is worth having from Laser Packaging. 

Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine

The VFFS packaging machines are automated assembly-line food product packaging systems that are widely used for food products, whether in liquid or powder form. We have two VFFS machines at Laser Packaging. The first one is our Tea Bag Machine model N-206, which has a vertical sealing length of 16 cm, film width of 5 to 20 cm, and weight accuracy of +-0.2 grams. The second VFFS that we have is our liquid packing machine that has a capacity of 10-15 bags per minute in a bag size of 160 mm and can seal 50–250 ml.

Laser Packaging is your trusted supplier of Food Packaging Machines like Sealing Machines.  We are one of the leading suppliers as well of affordable but high-quality food packaging products throughout Singapore.
Ready to upgrade and receive custom packaging products and sealing machines? Contact our dynamic team today!
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