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Why switch to eco-friendly packaging options?

The world of today is currently facing one of the biggest threats to the lives of the living bodies in which whether humans, animals, or nature is greatly affected and the country of Singapore is not an exemption. Since the country is constrained by limited resources and land scarcity, the need for continuous conduct of the zero-waste projects must be implemented. 

We are currently experiencing the results of irresponsible consumption and production which heightens the volume of waste in all parts of the world starting from the early years of modernization. 

As technology improves, intellectual people are increasingly giving birth to creative ideas forming how to continuously support people’s consumption and production while being able to protect our environment. United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal # 12 which targets Responsible Consumption and Production aims to encourage businesses to avoid unsustainable practices.

In the previous years, many businesses today have been gradually switching to more eco-friendly materials that they use for packaging purposes. 

In this regard, sustainable packaging in Singapore is needed to support its country’s goal of lessening the amount of waste they incur annually.

Food, as the Most Common Product for Packaging

Often, the type of product that needs packaging is the food because it needs to be stored in safe disposable food containers to avoid contamination and to preserve the freshness whether it is raw or cooked. Imagine how many people ordered a takeout per restaurant and how many restaurants are established per city, those customers after eating may just throw their trash outside so garbage collectors can collect and that adds to a large volume of waste. The problem here is that most of the disposable food containers are non-biodegraded which takes longer years to decay and even not.

How can we support sustainable practices in the food business?

According to the report entitled “Towards a Resilient and Sustainable Singapore”, it says that 

“Packaging waste constitutes about one-third of Singapore’s domestic waste by weight. To conserve the precious resources used to produce plastics and packaging, as well as divert these from our limited landfill space, it is imperative that Singapore takes steps to reduce plastics and packaging waste.”

(An excerpt from “Towards a Resilient and Sustainable Singapore”, 2018)

The country has been actively supporting the use of eco-friendly packaging options in order to lessen the consumption of plastic materials for packaging purposes. 

And as part of the food industry, we can transform our food businesses into sustainable ones by using takeaway boxes made of paperboard instead of styrofoam or plastics. There are also available biodegradable cups in Singapore that you can have as an alternative for drinks.

What are the health benefits of Paper Packaging for Foods?

Paper packaging is biodegradable which means they are made from sustainable materials and plant-by products. The use of paper packaging for foods results in lessened bacteria growth because they are more resistant compared to plastic. They can also easily absorb moisture without letting the food seep into it which is why shelf life is longer compared to using styrofoam materials. Paper packaging is also lightweight and durable to use, but make sure to acquire such products from a reliable company that supplies.

Another reason why we should switch to biodegradable paper packaging for our food takeaway containers is that it doesn’t contain toxic chemicals, unlike plastic materials. According to a report, plastics contain a BPA which stands for bisphenol A, a chemical used in making plastics and resins which started in the 1950s. This kind of chemical mostly affects brain development and behavior.

Why switch to sustainability?

People who are becoming aware of how they can help protect the environment in their simple way is now increasing. Even in schools, children are being taught about importance of protecting our Mother Nature. 

Let us switch to sustainability so we can protect our environment and prepare for the next generation. Choosing eco-friendly cups and take away box will help lessen tons of non-biodegradable waste and hazardous substance that might threaten our health, aside from this, many countries today are implementing plastic ban policy.

The country of Singapore is now working to increase national recycling rate from the current 61% to 70% by 2030. Implementation to reach this goals have focused on e-waste, plastic and packaging waste, and food waste. It has been the focus solution of lifting the recycling rate since it has significant potential for recycling. 

Disposing our waste properly is not enough, we also need to think if that waste we threw will rot or recyclable and will not exist for many years.

What has been the result of biodegradable packaging in the past years?

The use of biodegradable packaging resulted in job opportunities for recycling materials. To date, it was noted that paper packaging production is much simpler since it is safe for the factory workers and consumers and it is environment-friendly.

The country implements strict food waste management, food waste recycling increased its rate from 12% in 2012 to 16% in 2017 but become lower in 2021 at3% due to the effect of the pandemic.

Food Packaging Supplier in Singapore

Laser Packaging is a disposable food container supplier in Singapore. We offer sustainable packaging options in B2B setup. Our company is not just offering the packaging itself but also branding for their business customers through customization of packaging preferences. 

Through this, the company can give support to their customers by improving their brands thus serving as a food packaging solution for food companies within the country.

Boost your food business by choosing sustainable packaging options and improve your branding for your business today with Laser Packaging today and together, let’s make Singapore a country of responsible consumption and production, say yes to sustainable packaging solutions!

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