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Sustainable Sealing machines at your fingertips!

Happy Deepavali!

In this festive season, besides the countless mouth-watering food and delightful sweet treats, we remember the great variety of amazing sauces. desserts and thirst-quenching beverages!
Let Laser join you in your festive celebration.

Laser provides Cup/Bowl Sealing Machines to firmly seal your festive beverages, desserts and sauces in our Paper/Plastic Cups and Bowls.
Drinks like lassi or masala chai, desserts of rasgulla (dumpling shaped balls)
or vermicelli payasam and sauces on curry or tomato chutney.
No Leakage. No Spillage!
Maintain Freshness for you.
Just as the original taste, texture and temperature.

Our Top Quality Sealing Films do just the job for you!
Use Plain or Generic Films with symbols or pictures.
Let us know.
It is your preference that counts.

Our machines are capable of sealing materials like paper and plastic,
They can seal at different capacities, depending on their sizes.
Small, Medium or Large Cup/Bowl Sealing Machines for you?
At reasonable and affordable prices.
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