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Happy Deepavali 2021: Festival of Lights

Deepavali is just round the corner!
What brings to mind?
Bright lights, Gifts, Food and Feasting, of course!
No pandemic nor safety measures can rob you of the fun of celebrating!
As there is an upsurge in demand for takeaways in this pandemic,
Laser plays her role in social responsibility.
Laser provides a wide range of food packaging - Paper Cups, Trays, Bowls, Plastic Cups and Bento Boxes. Different Sizes, Different Prices to fit your pocket and needs.
Food-grade. Eco-friendly and Recyclable Products.
Best Deal for you.

Food plays a big part in Deepavali celebration.
Use our Paper Trays or Bento Boxes (with up to 5 compartments) to serve your food, like Saffron Briyani Rice, Creamy Butter Chicken with Sprinkled Methi, Tender Mutton, Assorted Punjabi Naans, Sweet Sour Egg Plant Pachadi, Deep Fried Fish and Crispy Papadam.
Different packaging caters to different food display.
Yummy! Can’t wait to dig into the food!

How about the popular festive desserts?
The deep-fried dough covered in syrup, rice-flour pan cakes, lentil cakes, yogurts or sweets made out of mung beans?
What better way than to serve them in our Paper Cups, Plastic Cups or Brown Kraft Salad Bowls for a touch of creativity!

Check us out on our for the whole range of food packaging. You will be spoilt for choices. We help you save time and money in the e-commerce shopping. Enjoy shopping at our website at your convenience. See you soon!
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