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Itemcode: LSBTC-0358
Size: 535x490x370mm
Voltage: 220V
Power: 220V,500W
Weight: 35KG
Output: 250 trays/hr
Bento Box 4 Compartments with Lid Bento Box 5 Compartments with Lid
Bento Tray 4 Compartment Bento Tray 5 Compartment
    Bento Tray 4 Compartment Bento Tray 5 Compartment

      Itemcode: LSP-JP-4-1
      Packing: 300pcs/carton

      Itemcode: LSP-JP-5
      Packing: 300pcs/carton

      Itemcode: LSPP-PT107
      Packing: 400pcs/carton
      Dimension: 152x120x50mm - 1000ml

      Itemcode: LSPP-PB-SPE-BR-150-1000
      Packing: 600pcs/carton
      Dimension: Top - 150x128x75(H) mm

      Itemcode: LSBTC-0361
      Packing: 1 bundle × 50 pcs
      Itemcode: LSBTC-0359
      Coffee Cup lids Buy Coffee Cup lids 8oz at Laser Packaging!

      Use our Coffee Cup lids for all your drinks! Keep your drinks fresh and hygienic. Disposable and Economical. No need for Top Seal Machines to do the job. Save Time, Save Money, Save Cost! Why not?

      Coffee Cup lids Itemcode: LSP-LID-PS-80BK-8OZ
      Packing: 1,000pcs/carton
      Diameter: 80mm

      Coffee Cup lids Itemcode: LSP-LID-PC-PS-90BK
      Packing: 1,000pcs/carton
      Diameter: 90mm

      Coffee Drip Kettle 1000cc
      This Coffee Drip Kettle is made from quality enamel to maintain the hotness of your coffee and drip it while maintaining the freshness of your coffee.
      Coffee Glass Dripper
      This coffee glass dripper will help you brew your coffee on its finest quality through dripping style. It is made in high-quality glass for superb extraction to make fresh coffee in minutes. 
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