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Model: LSM-DZ-500I
Chamber Size:620x600x100mm
Angle of Chamber: 0-45C
Sealing Size:500x10x2mm
Voltage: 380V/50HZ/0.9kw
Weight: 240KG
Overall Size: 1240x700x1060mm

Model: LSM-DZ-600I
Chamber Size:700x650x100mm
Angle of Chamber: 0-90C
Sealing Size:600x10x2mm
Voltage: 380V/50HZ/1KW
Weight: 390KG
Overall Size: 1400x660x1090mm

Model: LSM-600YI
Chamber Size: 640x420x520mm
Sealing Size:600x10mm
Pump Power: 1.6KW
Weight: 420KG
Overall size: 1740x925x1150

Model: LSM-700YI
Chamber Size: 740x420x520mm
Sealing Size:700x10mm
Pump Power: 1.6KW
Weight: 460KG
Overall size: 1940x925x1150

Model: LSM-800YI
Chamber Size: 840x460x560mm
Sealing Size:800x10mm
Pump Power: 2.2KW
Weight: 520KG
Overall size: 2140x965x1190mm

Model: LSM-900YI
Chamber Size: 940x460x560mm
Sealing Size:900x10mm
Pump Power: 2.2KW
Weight: 560KG
Overall size: 2340x965x1190mm

Plastic Food Tray – Laser Packaging Plastic Food Tray – Laser Packaging
    LSPP-PT113T-PP-WT-0.8 LSP-114T-PP-WT

      Plastic Food Trays

      Laser Packaging is one of the leading suppliers of plastic food trays here in Singapore. Since 1994, our company in Bukit Batok in Singapore has continuously provided quality food packaging products and food packaging machines for Singaporeans and nearby countries like Malaysia. Our experience has given us new innovations at an affordable cost. Feel free to message us for high-quality products today!

      Plastic Food Tray Item code: LSP-113T-PP-WT-0.8
      Dimension: 217x169x65(H) mm
      Packing: 200pcs/carton
      Thickness: 0.8mm

      Plastic Food Tray Item code: LSP-114T-PP-WT
      Dimension: 170x220x75(H) mm
      Packing: 200pcs/carton
      Thickness: 0.9mm

      White Soup Cup White Soup Cup

      Go versatile with our White Kraft Soup Cup. Besides, serving hot soup, you can also serve a colorful display of fruits in them. Let your creative juices flow! Our White Kraft Soup Bowls can be used for other functions too. You can serve pasta in them or store chips or popcorn for snacks. How amazing!

      Itemcode: LSPP-PB-SB-WT-26OZ-115
      Packing: 500pcs/carton
      Capacity: 26oz
      Diameter: 115mm

      Itemcode: LSBTC-3511

      Wooden Spatula Stick for Coffee Business

      A wooden spatula is commonly used in our kitchen. But did you know most of the eco-friendly coffee shops in Singapore prefer to use this product? Aside from the reason that this is good for the environment, we also need to reduce the use of plastics that use more energy while being manufactured. For more products, feel free to contact us!

      Wooden Spatula Item code: LSBTC-0362

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