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16 oz Single Wall White Paper Cup 14 oz Single Wall White Paper Cup

      Laser Coffee Paper Cups 

      One of the most difficult aspects of business is marketing, but coffee shops are in a special role to sell their products. Using Laser Packaging's coffee paper cups is a great way to promote your coffee shop's brand while also caring for the environment. What exactly are you waiting for? Purchase your paper coffee cups today. Contact our customer service representative today for more products for your food business!

      Itemcode: LSPP-PC-WT-16OZ-90
      Packing: 1,000pcs/carton
      Capacity: 16oz - 90mm diameter

      Itemcode: LSPP-PC-WT-14OZ-90
      Packing: 1,000pcs/carton
      Capacity: 14oz - 90mm diameter

      Itemcode: LSPP-PC-WT-12OZ-90
      Packing: 1,000pcs/carton
      Capacity: 12oz - 90mm diameter

      Itemcode: LSPP-PC-WT-8OZ-80
      Packing: 1,000pcs/carton
      Capacity: 8oz - 80mm diameter

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