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PERFECT FOR SPEARING COOKIE OR MILK TEA BOBA! With a jumbo plastic straw opening and a pointed bottom end, you can spear and eat all those tasty cookies or boba at the bottom of the milk tea cup or in the milkshake glass!

SAFE AND BPA-FREE! Our big milkshake or milk tea plastic straws are not only reliable and individually wrapped for your protection, they're also BPA-Free to ensure safe drinking for your kids or customers.

INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED FOR PRO OR HOME USE. Whether you want to keep your milk tea or bubble tea house plastic straw supply clean or you are throwing a kids' ice cream party at home, our wrapped plastic straws are the clean way to go!

SMOOTHER & STURDIER THAN A PAPER STRAW. Get the stronger eco-friendly straw that won't disintegrate in your cold drink and leave you with chunks of paper pulp in your beverage! Yuck!

NO PETROLEUM = NON-TOXIC TO THE PLANET. Our plastic straws provide convenience of disposable drinkware without the guilt of toxic, petroleum-based pollution.

Dimension: 6 mm (Width) x 21 cm (Length) 
Colour: Transparent 
Packaging Type: Individually Wrapped 
Packaging Size: 4700/ctn
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 ctn

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Dimension: 12mmx210mm
Colour: Transparent 
Packaging Type: Individually Wrapped 
Packaging: 2250pcs/carton 

Dimension: 8mmx 210mm
Colour: Transparent 
Packaging Type: Individually Wrapped 
Packaging: 3500pcs/carton

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