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Cardboard Food Boxes With Window | Laser Packaging 2100 ml Paper Food Box with Window
500ml Food Box 600ml Food Box 1000ml Food Box 2100ml Food Box
    500ml Food Box 600ml Food Box 1000ml Food Box 2100ml Food Box

      The good side of using Kraft Paper Tray food

      There's something special about eating food off of a real plate - it just feels more satisfying, somehow. But who has the time to wash dishes after every meal? If you're looking for a more convenient option that doesn't sacrifice that home-cooked feeling, try using kraft paper trays for your next meal!

      Kraft Paper Tray for Every Meal!

      Kraft paper trays are great for every meal, from breakfast to dinner. They're perfect for carrying food to and from the table, and they can even be used as serving dishes. Best of all, they're made from recycled paper, so they're good for the environment.

      The Best Trays for Breakfast and Lunch

      We all know the feeling of being hungry - when you're so hungry, you're angry. And there's nothing worse than being hungry when you're stuck at home with nothing to eat. That's why having a few good food trays on hand is essential. Whether you're looking for something to make breakfast in bed or want to pack a lunch that will actually stay fresh until lunchtime, these are the best food trays for the job. We actually sell the following:

      For Breakfast: If you're someone who likes to enjoy a leisurely breakfast in bed, then the Paper Food Box with Compartment is perfect for you. It's large enough to fit everything you might want so you can feel good about using it. It has handy compartments for things like syrup and butter.

      For Lunch: If you wish to give your friend food during lunchtime, then you'll want a tray that will keep the food fresh and organized. This Paper Food Box with a Window is perfect for that. It is huge and contains a see-through top which may be amusing, most especially when the food is organized and looks appetizing.

      The Best Food Packaging Services for your Food

      The Kraft Paper Tray is the perfect way to package your food. We offer the best food packaging services for your food. We use only the highest quality materials and our packaging is 100% recyclable.

      Kraft paper trays are a great way to serve food. They are durable, reusable, and easy to clean. Plus, they add a touch of style to any table setting. Whether you're serving breakfast, lunch, or dinner, kraft paper trays are a great option for any meal.

      Kraft Paper Food Trays Description:

      Itemcode: LSPP-PT108-WIN

      Packing: 200pcs/carton
      Dimension: Bottom:150x100mm x45mm (H) 650ml

      Itemcode: LSPP-PT109-WIN
      Packing: 200pcs/carton
      Dimension: Bottom:170x110mm x50mm (H) 1000ml

      Itemcode: LSPP-PT101-WIN
      Packing: 200pcs/carton
      Dimension: 118x93mmx50mm (H) 500ml

      Itemcode: LSPP-PT117-WIN
      Packing: 200pcs/carton
      Dimension: 195x140mmx65mm (H) 2100ml


      Why Laser Packaging Paper Food Box?

      Successful food businesses don't rely on food quality alone; having outstanding food packaging is a major consideration as well. It is important to have quality packaging when you sell your food products. Laser Packaging in Singapore is a food packaging product and machine supplier that you can rely on. For that, we are offering quality food paper boxes made of biodegradable materials. Using paper boxes for your food can help you gain a better reputation as it shows you care for your customers and the environment as well. Start using paper food boxes today in your food business. Contact Laser packaging, your reputable food paper box supplier here in Singapore for more products like packaging machines kraft paper food boxes and paper boat tray products today!

      Paper Food Box Item-code: LSPP-YN550-RHS
      Packing: 800pcs/carton
      Paper Food Box Dimension: Top - 155x100mm, Bottom - 130x75x50mm (H) 550ml

      Kraft Paper Food Box 1500 ml Kraft Paper Food Box 1500 ml
      650ml Kraft Food Box | 200pcs/carton 1000ml Kraft Food Box | 500pcs/carton 1500ml Kraft Paper Food Box | 400pcs/carton
        650ml Kraft Food Box | 200pcs/carton 1000ml Kraft Food Box | 500pcs/carton 1500ml Kraft Paper Food Box | 400pcs/carton

          Itemcode: LSPP-PT108
          Packing: 200pcs/carton
          Dimension: Bottom - 150x100mm x45mm (H) 650ml

          Itemcode: LSPP-PT109
          Packing: 500pcs/carton
          Bottom - 170x110mmx50mm (H) 1000ml

          Itemcode: LSPP-PT110
          Packing: 400pcs/carton
          Bottom - 195x140mmx45mm (H) 1500ml

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