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Why should you use an Espresso or Coffee Thermometer?

Espresso or coffee thermometer is still technically a thermometer, they are extremely useful for everything related to making the best cup of coffee. Most importantly, they are intended for measuring coffee temperature because brewing different coffee servings involve different temperatures. Visit or contact us today for more information on our affordable products!

Coffee Thermometer Item Code: LSBTC-036


Itemcode: LSBTC-0361
Packing: 1 bundle × 50 pcs

Wooden Spatula Stick for Coffee Business

A wooden spatula is commonly used in our kitchen. But did you know most of the eco-friendly coffee shops in Singapore prefer to use this product? Aside from the reason that this is good for the environment, we also need to reduce the use of plastics that use more energy while being manufactured. For more products, feel free to contact us!

Wooden Spatula Item code: LSBTC-0362

Coffee Drip Stand Coffee drip stand
Coffee drip stand Item code: LSBTC-5503
Decription: Double Hole Drip Stance 400x145mm (Transparent)

Coffee drip stand Item code: LSBTC-5502
Description: Double Hole Drip Stance 400x145mm (Black)

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High-Quality Moka Pot for You!

Moka pot is a stove-top or electric coffee maker that brews coffee by passing boiling water under pressure from steam through ground coffee. Don't miss out on Laser Packaging's Moka pot today, and feel free to inquire about other products as well!

Moka Pot Item code: LSBTC-6000


Heat Pot Stand for Moka Pot

If you need a heated pot stand for your Moka pot in Singapore, Laser Packaging is one of the best companies to contact. We provide high-quality food packaging products such as heat spot stands. Please contact our dynamic team if you have any questions or want to learn more about our products!

Heat Pot Stand Item code: LSBTC-6404


Make Every Cup Wonderful with our Latte Art Pen

You can elevate every cup of coffee by  putting amazing designs. Make it artistic with our Latte Art Pen here at Laser Packaging. We want to help you make a great latte today. For more coffee accessories, feel free to contact our team!

Latte Art Pen Item code: LSBTC-6790B


Milk Frother Turns your Dairy Creamy and Foamy!

A milk frother is a fantastic choice that turns dairy into creamy, smooth foam and mini foam. To make coffee drinks, lattes, and other beverages, frothed milk is typically mixed with coffee or espresso. Get your Milk Frother from Laser Packaging now, and feel free to message us for more affordable products!

Milk Frother Item code: LSBTC-6852


Traditional Drip Kettle

Laser Packaging's drip kettle in Singapore is one of the best choices for traditional coffee and tea lovers. But what is the uniqueness of these products? Our drip kettle has a built-in thermometer on its lid. For more products from Laser Packaging, feel free to message our dynamic team!

Drip Kettle Item code: LSBTC-8052


Coffee Drip Kettle for Greater Coffee or Tea Experience

We used to drink coffee out of paper cups this time. However, for the more cultured, a coffee drip kettle is far better. What a lovely way to relive those memories with this coffee drip kettle. Please contact us if you require additional products, and we will be happy to accommodate your orders right away!

Coffee Drip Kettle Itemc ode: LSBTC-8150RR


Coffee Drip Kettle 1000cc
This Coffee Drip Kettle is made from quality enamel to maintain the hotness of your coffee and drip it while maintaining the freshness of your coffee.
Coffee Tamper

Level up your Brewing using Coffee Tamper!

This Coffee Tamper allows you to compress the grinds into an evenly distributed puck. The material used to create this tamper is from top-grade stainless steel and is designed to extract your coffee to perfection. Enjoy collecting the best coffee tamper in Singapore today. For more products in bulk, feel free to reach us to cater your food packaging needs!

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