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PS Black Lids PS Black Lids

      Itemcode: LSP-LID-PC-PS-80BK-8OZ
      Packing: 1,000pcs/carton
      Diameter: 80mm

      Itemcode: LSP-LID-PC-PS-89BK-12OZ
      Packing: 1,000pcs/carton
      Diameter: 89mm

      Itemcode: LSP-LID-PC-PS-90BK-16OZ
      Packing: 1,000pcs/carton
      Diameter: 90mm

      Brown Kraft Paper Tray with Window Brown Kraft Paper Tray with Window
      600ml Brown Kraft Paper Tray with Window 1000ml Brown Kraft Paper Tray with Window
        600ml Brown Kraft Paper Tray with Window 1000ml Brown Kraft Paper Tray with Window
          Itemcode: LSP-FP95-22-PET
          Packing: 1,000pcs/carton
          Capacity: 700ml - 95mm diameter
          Itemcode: LSP-U500-98PET
          Packing: 1,000pcs/carton
          Capacity: 500ml - 98mm diameter
          Type: U-Shaped Cup
          Itemcode: LSP-U600-98PET
          Packing: 1,000pcs/carton
          Capacity: 600ml - 98mm diameter
          Type: U-Shaped Cup
          Itemcode: LSP-L360
          Packing: 2000pcs/carton
          Capacity: 360ml
          Type: Smooth Wall Cup
          Itemcode: LSP-L500
          Packing: 2000pcs/carton
          Capacity: 500ml
          Type: Smooth Wall Cup
          Itemcode: LSP-L700
          Packing: 1,000pcs/carton
          Capacity: 700ml
          Type: Smooth Wall Cup
          Itemcode: LSP-76-APET-CL-0.6

          Dimension: 161x70x78mm 
          Thickness: 0.6mm

          Itemcode: LSP-61T-PP-BK-0.7

          Dimension: 200x155x45(H) mm 
          Packing: 200pcs/carton
          Thickness: 0.7mm 

          Measurement: 250mmx350mmx550mm
          Voltage: 220V, 300W
          Weight: 27kg
          Production Rate: 200-250pcs/hour
          LSM - 98S - R95 Automatic Cup Sealing Machine- UNIT


          Brown Automatic Cup Sealing Machine. Designed to seal paper cups and plastic cups of drinks, milk tea, soybean, ice and hot coffee, smoothies. Ideal for breakfast shops, milk tea shops, restaurants and beverage factories. Featuring an updated design that makes it easy to work with and very efficient.

          Automatic Cup Sealing. Two operation modes: manual and auto. Seal cup fully automatically within seconds. Safe and convenient full automated operation. Adjust and set parameters through an intelligent control screen. Counting function can be hidden.

          Durable Construction & Brown. Made of high-quality stainless steel, resistant to corrosion, rust, acid, and alkali, withstanding the bad environment, this machine is durable for long service life. Rubberized feet are anti-wear and anti-slip, keeping sturdy.

          Intelligent Control Panel. Equipped with a digital display, touch screen control panel, the machine has two operation modes, auto, and manual, easy to deal with different passenger flow stages. Adjust heating to adapt to cups of different materials. Operating at automatic settings, the peak production rate is 250 cups per hour. It only takes merely 8 seconds for you to place the cup into the cup holder and thereafter a simple retrieval. 

          Excellent Sealing. Turn on the machine, the cup pallet will slide out automatically, heating light will be on; put the cup, the pallet will slide in. High heating sealing, high-quality sealing.

          Applicable Film. Independent design roll film scrolls, easy to install films, one scroll for the new film, and another for the used film. Sturdy and adjustable. Cup sealing film is not included. Suitable for PP and PET films. Capable of sealing PP, PE and Paper material. 

          Smooth & Accurate. The sealing film should go across the electric eye sensing, accurate alignment at the seal, low sealing error. The film goes smooth. Accurately seal the cups to achieve users’ demand.

          Measurement:  350mm x 360mm x 640mm
          Voltager: 220V, 400W
          Weight: 22kg
          Production Rate: 250cups/hr

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