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Brown kraft paper tray with window 600 ml brown kraft paper tray with window
600ml Brown Kraft Paper Tray with Window 1000ml Brown Kraft Paper Tray with Window
    600ml Brown Kraft Paper Tray with Window 1000ml Brown Kraft Paper Tray with Window

      Itemcode: LSPP-PT108-WIN
      Packing: 200pcs/carton
      Dimension: Bottom:150x100mm x45mm (H) 650ml

      Itemcode: LSPP-PT109-WIN
      Packing: 200pcs/carton
      Dimension: Bottom:170x110mm x50mm (H) 1000ml

      Kraft paper Single Salad Bowl 165 CM | Lasersp Brown kraft single paper salad bowl 850 ml

          Itemcode:  LSPP-PB-SPE-BR-165-850
          Packing: 600pcs/carton
          Dimension: Top: 165x145x63 (H) mm

          Itemcode: LSP-LID-PB-PP-165
          Packing: 600pcs/carton
          Diameter: 165mm
          Itemcode: LSBTC-1622
          Itemcode: LSP-ZY750
          Description: PP Natural Tray with Lid
          Capacity: 750ML
          Packing: 300pcs/carton

          Cup Sealing Machine

          This cup sealing machine is the answer for your different business needs. It can be use as bubble tea sealer, milk tea sealing machine and many more products in your store. Sealing machines played a vital role in business inline with drinks and its practical to choose this king of automatic machines from Laser Packaging because we are manufacturer that you can trust. For over the years of our operations, our Auto Cup Sealing Machines are one of our top seller. Apart from this we are also supplying top seal plain film for cups.

          Where you can use our Auto Cup Sealing Machine?

          Bubble Tea Products, Drinking Cups, Fruit Juices, Pudding, Soy Milk, Sauces, Different Salads, and many more products. What are you waiting for? Message us Now and feel free to ask our responsive team. 

          Measurement: 250mmx350mmx550mm
          Voltage: 220V, 300W
          Weight: 27kg
          Production Rate: 200-250pcs/hour
          Itemcode: LSP-160T-PP-BK-0.8
          Packing: 200pcs/carton
          Dimension: 195x156x40(H) mm 
          Thickness: 0.8mm
          Itemcode: LSP-73-PP-BK-0.8
          Dimension: 213x159x54mm
          Packing Size: 200pcs/carton
          Thickness: 0.8mm
          PET flat lid PET flat lid with black background

          Itemcode: LSP-LID-FL-95PET
          Packing: 2,000pcs/carton

          Itemcode: LSP-SUP700-95PP
          Packing: 1000pcs/carton
          Capacity: 700ml - 95mm diameter
          Type: Smooth Wall Cup
          Itemcode: LSP-SUP500-95PP
          Packing: 1000pcs/carton
          Capacity: 500ml
          Type: Smooth Wall Cup
          16 oz white and brown double wall paper cup 16 oz white and brown double wall paper cup with PS lid

              Itemcode: LSPP-PC-DW-WHBR-16OZ-90
              Packing: 500pcs/carton
              Capacity: 16oz - 90mm diameter

              Itemcode: LSPP-PC-DW-WHBR-12OZ-90
              Packing: 500pcs/carton
              Capacity: 12oz - 90mm diameter

              Itemcode: LSPP-PC-DW-WHBR-8OZ-80
              Packing: 500pcs/carton
              Capacity: 8oz - 80mm diameter

              PS black lids 8 oz PS black lids 12 oz

                  Itemcode: LSP-LID-PC-PS-80BK-8OZ
                  Packing: 1,000pcs/carton
                  Diameter: 80mm

                  Itemcode: LSP-LID-PC-PS-89BK-12OZ
                  Packing: 1,000pcs/carton
                  Diameter: 89mm

                  Itemcode: LSP-LID-PC-PS-90BK-16OZ
                  Packing: 1,000pcs/carton
                  Diameter: 90mm

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